Consultant, Advisor, Speaker

Dr. Umbach is an international consultant, trainer, author, speaker and entrepreneur who helps leaders succeed in changing markets.


In addition to personal consulting and coaching sessions, Günter has given more than 500 inhouse workshops, public seminars and keynotes in 14 countries.


Clients leverage his unique background of 30 years of hands-on experience - in a start-up company, in the corporate world and in consulting ("a rough ride").


As international brand director for a billion dollar cardiovascular brand, his team achieved the best sales and highest profits in the product's life cycle.


Clients benefit from his medical background as a board-certified gynecologist, as a member of societies and as a research fellow at the University of Texas in the US.


Günter has served as faculty member at Management Centre Europe in Brussels and as guest lecturer or visiting professor at five European universities.


An audio series, 50 published articles, 150 videos and three business books (published in three languages) illustrate how to win customers and reach results.


Executives receive insights challenging convential wisdom helping them enhance their professional performance and grow their companies' business.