Bridging the Gap Between Various Worlds

Physician, Author, Entrepreneur

Experience in Research, Academia and Teaching

Doctor of Medicine Studies in Bonn, Paris, Madrid, Melbourne
Fellow Postdoctoral Fellow M.D. Anderson Institute, University of Texas, USA
Guest Lecturer Universities in Cologne, Essen, Bilbao, Istanbul


Experience in Medicine

Physician Medical Centers and University Hospitals
Specialist Board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist
Member American Society of Clinical Oncology and others


Twelve Years Experience in the Industry

Medical Director Start-up generics company: Basics Pharma
Marketing Director International research-based corporation: Bayer
Team Leader Global brand manager for a billion euro product


Since 2002: Working with Industry Leaders

Speaker Key Note Speaker, Chairman or MC at conferences
Expert Consultancy, seminars, workshops, training courses
Published Author Three business books, 50 articles and 80 videos

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Günter Umbach


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Tel: +49-228-34 89 45Mob: +49-172-20 42 007E-Mail:
LocationTerms of Use
Tel: +49-228-34 89 45
Mob: +49-172-20 42 007
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