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Book: Successfully Marketing Clinical Trial Results: Winning in the Healthcare Business »

How to communicate research results and turn scientific data into sales
Reviews: , "Simply brilliant", "An easy-to-read guide", "Illuminating"


English Original Version: Gower Publishing, London, UK

Chinese Version: Publishing House of Electronics, Bejing, China

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Book (in German): Erfolgreich im Pharma-Marketing »
Succeed in Pharma Marketing

Published by Springer Science+Business Media, now in its third edition: Based on the German and the "International Pharma Marketing Workshop" series




Book (in German): Erfolgreich als Medical Advisor oder Medical Science Liaison Manager »
Succeed as Medical Advisor or Medical Science Liaison Manager

Published by Springer Science+Business Media: Based on the German and the International Medical Advisor Workshop series




Original Articles in English

Turning Science into Sales:
Tips for Communicating Clinical Trial Results 
Pharma Marketing News (US electronic newsletter)

The Evolution of the Patient to Key Consumer. In: The Product -
A Rising Star of the Marketing Mix (Co-Autor Ottmar Mergel)
Lifecaps News from Capsugel (Pfizer)

8 Great Tips for Communicating More Effectively » - Your Gateway to the World's Health Services


Six Elements of a Marketing Strategy Helping You
to Capitalize on Business Opportunities
Speakeasy - The Magazine of the Professional Speakers Association

Discover Opportunities - An Exciting Journey:
The Art of Turning Science into Sales
Interview by Management Centre Europe in Brussels


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Original Articles in German:
Please see German-language website »



Recommended for the French market: Book
"Bonnes Pratiques de Marketing Pharmaceutique" 
by co-speaker Alain Rusterholtz

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