Delivering Results

Impact and Comments: Testimonials

What Clients Say About The Results They Achieved


"You are helping us do better business"

Business Unit Director U. U.



"What I like about your style: It's so practical"

Management Committee Member Dr. C. B.



"We increased the response rate to such a degree, that we had to re-order our give-aways twice in order to meet the demand we created"
Product Manager Dr. A. S.



"We increased our response rate from the targeted 3000 physicians from the usual 5 to 6 percent to approximately 10 to 12 percent - simply by following your recommendations about the words to choose"
Marketing Manager Dr. F. F.




"You are the only outsider invited to give inhouse trainings for our people"
Dr. K. S., Head Training and Development of a top pharma company




Overall Evaluation

Feedback based on more than 1000 workshops, consulting sessions, coaching engagements or keynote speeches indicate that approximately 80% of participants and clients gave a favourable rating of "excellent" or "very good". More important are the buyer-to-buyer referrals and the high rate of repeat business indicating that the clients are satisfied.



Comments after Working with Günter Umbach

"Two very inspiring days"


"A fabulous course - I wish I had attended this earlier"


"Fantastic breadth of knowledge"


"I got many insights"


"I am sure I will benefit"


"Brilliantly pragmatic"


"Excellent ideas"


"Many real-life case studies"


"I liked the practical part very much"


"Learning experience with many real cases"


"The right mix between strategy and examples"


"Thanks for the intriguing and dynamic workshop and the sharing"


"Motivating and clear"


"Really useful, entertaining, educational"


"Very practical - I can use it in the office"


"Very interactive"


"A master in marketing"


"Top trainer"


"Materials for real life practice"


"Definitively worth the money"


"Absolutely recommendable"



Günter Umbach is helping clients improve their business results »


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Mob: +49-172-20 42 007Fax: +49-228-34 89 49E-Mail:
LocationContactTerms of Use
Mob: +49-172-20 42 007
Fax: +49-228-34 89 49
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