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Corporate Clients

More than 50 fine companies have directly worked with Dr. Umbach:


Abbott Abbott
AstraZeneca AstraZeneca
Baxalta Baxalta
Bayer Schering Pharma Bayer
Biotest Biotest
Hermann Bock Hermann Bock
BMS Bristol-Myers Squibb
Celgene Celgene
Chiesi Chiesi
Essex Essex (now part of Merck & Co)
Fresenius SE Fresenius SE
Fresenius-Kabi Fresenius-Kabi
Genzyme Genzyme
GlaxoSmithKline GlaxoSmithKline
Genzyme Grifols
Grünenthal Grünenthal
Hermal (jetzt Teil von Almirall) Hermal (now part of Almirall)
InfectoPharm InfectoPharm
Intersurgical Intersurgical
3M Leo Pharma
3M 3M
Medac Medac
Medi Medi
Merial (jetzt Teil von Sanofi-Aventis) Merial (now part of Sanofi-Aventis)
Mundipharma Mundipharma
Novartis Novartis
Novo Nordisk Novo Nordisk
Organon (jetzt Teil von Schering-Plough) Organon (now part of Schering-Plough)
Pascoe Pascoe
Pfizer Pfizer
PharmaMar PharmaMar
Pharma Westen Pharma Westen
Ranbaxy Ranbaxy
Sanacorp Sanacorp
SanoChemia SanoChemia
Sanofi-Pasteur-MSD Sanofi-Pasteur-MSD
Sanofi-Aventis Sanofi-Aventis
Schering (jetzt Teil von BayerSchering) Schering (now part of Bayer)
Schwarz Pharma (jetzt Teil von UCB) Schwarz Pharma (now part of UCB)
Shire Shire
Sobi Sobi
Solvay Solvay (now part of Abbott)
Talecris Talecris (now part of Grifols)
Teva Teva
Tillotts Tillotts
usflag U.S. Commercial Service, Global Healthcare Team
Virbac Virbac
Wyeth (jetzt Teil von Pfizer) Wyeth (now part of Pfizer)
Weitere Additional companies preferring to remain anonymous




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Tel: +49-228-34 89 45Mob: +49-172-20 42 007E-Mail:
LocationTerms of Use
Tel: +49-228-34 89 45
Mob: +49-172-20 42 007
Terms of Use